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Ich glaube nicht, dass der US-Dollar heute zu den profitabelsten Vermögenswerten gehört. Ich würde angesichts der Situation auf dem globalen Ölmarkt lieber canadian dollar verwenden. Es ist weitsichtiger.

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Why is Forex hard for beginners?

Because a beginner in trading does not understand where he came from and what he will do. Many people want to earn money right away, but the financial market does not guarantee such an opportunity. First of all, you need to understand why these guarantees do not exist. Not because the “broker is bad” or “false signals”, but because the prices of financial assets are unstable, change every second and depend on dozens of factors. However, even if novice traders understand this alignment of forces, they still try to “play the market”, opening deals “for good luck”.

Doing so is not recommended. It is better to use a reliable analytical tool, develop a strategy and start testing it on a demo account.

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